How To Discover Broken Inbound Links With Ahrefs

- Hey what's up? Welcome back to my channel and welcome back to Gotch SEO if you're watching this publication on my website. So in this publication I'm going to be showing you how to find broken backlinks using Ahrefs. And so this is a very effective strategy because what you're doing is you're identifying websites where your backlinks are either broken because of a URL issue or broken because the website no longer exists or for whatever reason and you're gonna go out there and you're gonna try to get those backlinks fixed. And the reason why it's so effective is because these people have already made the decision to link to your website, and so you've already crossed that barrier and it's gonna be very very easy to re-acquire these backlinks and your success rate will be a lot higher. And so in this publication I'm just gonna just show you how to identify those backlinks and then I'm gonna give you a template that you can use to actually re-acquire those backlinks for your website.

And so let's jump right in. Alright guys, so I am in the Ahrefs dashboard and now I'm going to show you how you can find these broken backlinks. So the first thing you have to do is go to the Site Explorer, and put your URL into the search bar. So for this example I'm gonna pretend like is the campaign that we are working on. So after the analysis is complete, all that you need to do is go to the Backlink profile section and then under Backlinks, click on Broken. And once you're in this Broken Backlinks section, what you wanna do is go to Link type, this little drop-down right here, and then click on it and choose Dofollow.

And the reason for that is because you only really care about Dofollow backlinks that are broken. We don't really care about Nofollow links that may be broken. So this is a really great process to run on a quarterly or even a yearly basis, because these people that have linked to your website are low-hanging fruits. And the reason for that is because they have already made the commitment to link to you, they already know who you are, and so when you're doing your outreach, you're not a cold prospect. You're not reaching out to them completely cold, instead you're already warm, and they're already warm to your brand. And so usually you can reach out to them and you can get these backlinks fixed at a very high success rate.

So as you're gonna notice as you go through this list for your website or whatever website you're working on is that sometimes these backlinks are broken just because of a mistake in the URL or the way that they tried to link to your website. So for example, going through the Greatist link profile, we're gonna see that they have a backlink from and it looks like it's from a resource page. And so without even going to the actual page where their link is, you can tell right away that the URL is broken and that's the main reason why this backlink is broken. And it's really important to go through and fix all of these backlinks because as of right now, Greatist is losing out on this link equity that could be going out to the page that they're trying to rank.

Because as of right now, if we go and click on this link, you'll see that that backlink is going to a 404 page and most people are not gonna be trying to rank 404 pages so it's really important that you go through and fix all of these broken backlinks because they really are low-hanging fruits. And so just to verify that this link is actually still on this page, what you wanna do is you wanna go to the URL where Ahrefs is saying that you have a backlink so we'll go to, we'll go to this resource page, and then what I like to do is I like to just run a search with the anchor text. So go ahead and put the anchor text into the search, and it looks like this link is still alive and so all that we need to do is we need to first find the contact information for this blogger or for this website. So now you would wanna send a very simple template and so knowing that this blogger's name is Jes, we would say something like: Hey Jes, love your blog! I blog over at Greatist and I saw that you are linking to my article about mental health resources.

Thank you. I noticed that the link is actually broken. It looks like... So in this part you would just insert whatever the issue is.

So in this case, you would just say something like: There's an extra space after one of the slashes in the URL. And then you would say: When you get the chance, do you think you could change that link to this URL, and you would insert your target URL, the right URL, and then you would just say something like: I would be so incredibly grateful, and then: Thank you. And then from there, hopefully they change the link to make sure that it's actually the correct link and then you're gonna start getting the authority and link equity going to the page that you're actually trying to promote. And so I will have that exact template I just read off below the publication, it is a really very simple template but it will work very well because as i mentioned before you're reaching out to people who are already warm to your brand and so you should have a very very high success rate.

And of course make sure that if you do send this template out that you do follow up with the people who have not responded. And that's honestly all you need to know about finding broken backlinks using Ahrefs and then going through the process of getting those broken backlinks fixed. A very simple process. So that is all you need to know for finding broken backlinks using Ahrefs.

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What is SEO?

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques to optimize the natural positioning of a website in the search engines that must be applied following an orderly process so that it appears in the first positions.

It is important that your website loads fast, looks good on mobile phones and contains original content frequently to improve organic positioning in the medium term.

All this helps to improve the positioning of a website in the search engines has no immediate effect but in the medium term during the time estimated by Google that SEO actions take time to reflect in searches.

Popular SEO techniques

  • Creation of URL or friendly links to search engines.
  • Creation of attributes title and alt to the images to be indexed with the desired keywords.
  • Inclusion of keywords in the H1 and H2
  • Inclusion of description and title tags to describe each page of the website.
  • Inclusion of a web map in HTML and in the sitemap.xml format to send the search engines to correctly index the pages of your website.
  • Include a robots.txt file
  • to tell the Googlebot which content should be crawled and which should not
  • Avoid the use of items that can not be indexed correctly by search engines.
  • Keyword optimisation.

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