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- [Instructor] Hey what's up, this is Nathan from Gotch SEO and in this publication I'm going to show you how to find expired domains using So, I am inside the dashboard, so what you'll need to do is sign up for a free account and you'll be able to see exactly what I'm seeing here. And, you will feel a little overwhelmed by what you see here, so I'm gonna just choose one of these options here so we can make it easier. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to pick show all domains with t f greater than 20. So t f is trust flow, which is majestics metric. And so I'm going to use this just as an example to show you what is going on here with this tool. So the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to click this filter button, and then I am going to click on additional.

And I'm just gonna select dot com and dot net and dot org. And then what I'm going to do is click apply filter and then it's going to show me all of these link opportunities, well it didn't do it on this first try, but I'm gonna go ahead and click here and click on this so we can make it all dot com. And so now what we see are all these dot com opportunities and actually this will only be dot com opportunities. So I'm going to copy this first domain and I'm going to throw it into a hrefs. And so what I'm trying to do here is I'm trying to see the quality of the links going to this domain. And so in this example, as you can tell, the links that are going to this domain are very low quality because they all say fake RayBan sunglasses, which is the anchor texts from those link. We don't need to do a lot of extra research to determine whether this domain is qualified or not because it's immediately disqualified from this process because of this obviously spammed anchor text and link building. So, what I'm going to do now is I am back here in the expired domains dot net dashboard and I'm actually going to sort this list by total back links.

So now I'm going to copy this second domain here and I'm going to repeat this process again. I'm gonna throw it into a hrefs and I'm gonna see if it has a high quality link profile.

So right away I could see that this domain does not have many linking domains, so we know that it would not be a good candidate for the merger technique. And if you were gonna use it as a private blog network domain, it would also not be a good one because it isn't powerful enough. But, when you find expired domains that have very little linking root domains, it's an opportunity to use the white hat alternative to PBNs because you can actually extract those back links from the domain. In this case, it looks like it doesn't have many high quality domains, it has about one link that's worth it, maybe. And it looks like that link is actually pretty spammed, looks kind of like a link farm, so we'd wanna pass on this opportunity as well. So now I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna go through a few different domains here and see if I can find any high quality opportunities. And so, right now I'm in the deleted domains section. And these domains usually are not the highest quality, and so what I would do is I would change the filter so that we can actually filter out a lot of these domains.

Because what you're gonna see is a lot of these domains just don't have a lot of linking root domains, and that's something we do not want to be looking at because it's actually a huge waste of time. So, we need to find domains that do have a decent amount of linking root domains so that we have a bigger pool of links that we can leverage. So now I'm gonna click on marketplace domains. And then I'm gonna click on the GoDaddy auctions domains, and the reason for that is because these domains are my favorite. I personally like GoDaddy auctions and the reason for that is because these domains are usually the highest quality. So I'm gonna copy this first domain, and I'm gonna throw it into a hrefs and it looks like this is not a good opportunity because I didn't set my filters.

Alright, so I'm gonna go back and set the filters appropriately and what I'm going to do is I'm gonna click on this majestic tab. And I'm gonna change the external back links minimum to five, and then change the trust flow to a minimum of 10, and so this will help filter out a lot of these domains. And we don't wanna be wasting our time on. So once again I'm gonna copy this first domain, throw it into a hrefs, gonna click on back links and I'm gonna see if this domain has any high quality back links. And it looks like this domain has been spammed very heavily, one way to tell is looking at the anchor texts. So, if the majority of the anchor texts looks keyword ridge, there's a good chance that this domain has been spammed.

Just to verify this, I'll actually go to the anchor texts tab over here and see. And so you can tell right away this domain has been spammed to death. So it's definitely not a domain we'd want to use. So now I'm gonna copy another domain. Throw it in here. And we'll go ahead and check out its back links.

And it looks like this domain is a little bit better than the last one. And it has some high quality links in here it looks like. It doesn't look like it's been spammed really in any way. So, what we'll wanna do is we'll actually wanna click on one of these links to see and validate basically that these are real links and that the links are still live. And so one thing I like to do is I like to usually copy the anchor texts and then just run a search. And it looks like the link is still live.

So, this is not a bad link here, this looks like a relevant website. What we wanna do now is just add this domain to our watch list on GoDaddy. Let's do another search for another domain. And we'll see if we can get two. Look at the back links for this domain, and it looks like this domain has some high quality links from business insider and some other great opportunities. This one looks pretty solid.

So what we're gonna wanna do is we're gonna make sure that it hasn't been spammed in the past. So this is the second qualification method you need to use. And so we'll see what this looks like previously. And hopefully it hasn't been spammed, and if it has then we'll go ahead and unqualify it. But, let's take a look here using the way back machine to see if it's actually qualified and has been used for spam. So unfortunately, this domain looks like it has been used as a private blog network or maybe even a public blog network.

We're gonna want to disqualify this domain. So in this case, you could use the links that are going to this domain, and use the white hat alternative to PBNs and just extract those links from the domain. But as far as using it as a domain for the merger technique or using it as a domain for a private blog network if you wanted, it would not be one that you'd wanna use. Because it has definitely been used as a network in the past. So as you can see, this is a very intense process of trying to find high quality expired domain. Just continually go through this list, keep trying to find new opportunities, and don't settle on any domains.

You really want to focus on getting high quality domains or at least finding domains with high quality links that you could of course extract using the white hat alternative to PBNs. And if you're gonna use the merger technique, make sure the domain is a very high quality, has a very high quality link profile, it has unoptimized anchor text, and it hasn't been used for spam in the past. And then number three, is make sure the domain is relevant to your business if you're gonna use the merger technique. That is all for finding expired domains or even expiring domains using Thank you so much for watching. And I will see you in the next publication.

What is SEO?

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques to optimize the natural positioning of a website in the search engines that must be applied following an orderly process so that it appears in the first positions.

It is important that your website loads fast, looks good on mobile phones and contains original content frequently to improve organic positioning in the medium term.

All this helps to improve the positioning of a website in the search engines has no immediate effect but in the medium term during the time estimated by Google that SEO actions take time to reflect in searches.

Popular SEO techniques

  • Creation of URL or friendly links to search engines.
  • Creation of attributes title and alt to the images to be indexed with the desired keywords.
  • Inclusion of keywords in the H1 and H2
  • Inclusion of description and title tags to describe each page of the website.
  • Inclusion of a web map in HTML and in the sitemap.xml format to send the search engines to correctly index the pages of your website.
  • Include a robots.txt file
  • to tell the Googlebot which content should be crawled and which should not
  • Avoid the use of items that can not be indexed correctly by search engines.
  • Keyword optimisation.

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