YouTube Seo: Nine Actionable Guidelines For Ranking Films (2019)

- Today, you're gonna learn how to rank your publications number one in YouTube. In fact, the YouTube SEO tips I'm about to share with you have helped me rank for hundreds of different keywords. And thanks to these nine strategies, I even rank in the top three for the keyword publication SEO. Now, I should warn you. I'm not gonna give you generic advice like use publication tags. You already know that stuff. Instead, you're gonna see little-known SEO tips that are working right now. I'm Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko and let's dive right in. When I launched my YouTube channel a few years ago, I felt great. And to get ready, I watched dozens of publications from so-called YouTube SEO experts. So, I was super excited when my channel finally went live.

A Way To Get Extra Views On YouTube (Works Brilliant In 2019)

Today you're gonna learn exactly how to get more views on your YouTube publications step-by-step. I should point something out, right off the bat. This publication is meant for advanced YouTubers so I'm not gonna repeat the same tips you've heard a hundred times already. Like share your publications on social media. Instead, you're gonna learn advanced strategies that work fast. In fact, I use the same exact process from this publication to quickly grow my views from almost zero to over a hundred thousand views per month. I'm Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko. If you want to get lots of views on every publication that you publish, make sure to watch the rest of this publication. Nothing's more frustrating than creating a great publication, putting it up on YouTube and getting no views.

The Way To Get Greater Views On YouTube — NEW Strategy For 2019

Today, I'm gonna show you exactly how to get more views on your publications fast. The secret, a new strategy called the sequel technique. I recently used the sequel technique to get 25,339 views on one of my YouTube publications in about two weeks. One of my subscribers also used this strategy on one of his publications, and that publication now has over a million views. And in this publication, I'm gonna walk you through the entire process, step by step. Keep watching. Last year, I saw something that blew my mind.

I was looking at where most of my YouTube views came from. And even though I rank in the top three on YouTube for popular keywords like, publication SEO, keyword research, and SEO tutorial, I notice that most of my views didn't come from YouTube search. They came from suggested publication, pow, mind blown. In my case, 25% of my views came from search, but 41% came from suggested publication. Now as a quick recap, suggested publication is a section on the right hand side of every publication on YouTube, or underneath the publication if you're on a mobile device. And if you can get your publication to appear as a suggested publication, you can get thousands or even millions of views. And the best way to do that, the sequel technique. In fact, when I used the sequel technique, this publication for my channel racked up over 25,000 views in less than three weeks. And even though my publication is a few months old now, views continue to roll in like clockwork. And it's all thanks to the sequel technique.

Video Seo - A Way To Rank #1 In YouTube (Rapid!)

In this publication, I'm gonna show you my five-step process for ranking number one in YouTube. I recently used this exact method to rank in the top three in YouTube for the keyword SEO. I'm Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, the place where marketers turn for high rankings and more traffic. And today, you're gonna learn the five most influential publication SEO ranking factors to get your publications to the top of YouTube fast. Keep watching. A few years ago, my YouTube channel was struggling. I consistently created high quality publications that provided a ton of value. But when I published my publications, crickets. (cricket sounds) Needless to say, I was frustrated. I knew that publication was a powerful way to grow my online business, but I learned the hard way that publication only works if people actually watch your publications. And no, your mom watching your publications doesn't count.

A Way To Get More YouTube Subscribers In 2019

In this publication, I'm gonna show you how to get more YouTube subscribers fast. In fact, thanks to the tips I'm about to share with you, my channel now generates 5,347 new subscribers every single month. I'm Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko. And today I'm gonna show you nine proven strategies for getting subscribers on YouTube. And some advanced techniques I've never seen anyone else talk about. Keep watching. Over the last year, I've helped hundreds of YouTubers grow their channels. And one of my favorite examples of this is, Jeff Rose from good financial sense. Jeff is a financial planner from Nashville, that helps people save and invest money and a few years ago, Jeff decided to launch a YouTube channel. Unfortunately, despite publishing lots of high quality publications, his channel wouldn't grow. He was stuck at a few thousand subs for literally years.

What is SEO?

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques to optimize the natural positioning of a website in the search engines that must be applied following an orderly process so that it appears in the first positions.

It is important that your website loads fast, looks good on mobile phones and contains original content frequently to improve organic positioning in the medium term.

All this helps to improve the positioning of a website in the search engines has no immediate effect but in the medium term during the time estimated by Google that SEO actions take time to reflect in searches.

Popular SEO techniques

  • Creation of URL or friendly links to search engines.
  • Creation of attributes title and alt to the images to be indexed with the desired keywords.
  • Inclusion of keywords in the H1 and H2
  • Inclusion of description and title tags to describe each page of the website.
  • Inclusion of a web map in HTML and in the sitemap.xml format to send the search engines to correctly index the pages of your website.
  • Include a robots.txt file
  • to tell the Googlebot which content should be crawled and which should not
  • Avoid the use of items that can not be indexed correctly by search engines.
  • Keyword optimisation.

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